The Cake Lady – Meet the Maker

A cake made by Sarah for SPM's 2nd Birthday

A cake made by Sarah for SPM’s 2nd Birthday

We asked The Cake Lady, aka Sarah Healy, the following 5 questions so that SPM customers could learn more about the cupcake queen!

1. Why is your business called The Cake Lady?

I called my business ‘The Cake Lady’ as I thought it was a quirky name for my business

Sarah with her idol, Neven Maguire

Sarah with her idol, Neven Maguire

2. What inspired your business?

My love for baking and cooking since I was a child. Growing up I always loved to bake and after 10 years in a secretarial job I realised it was not the path I wanted to stay in so I decided to set up The Cake Lady.

market 3

3. What was your first ever sale?

A birthday cake for a family member, which I still cringe at when I look at the picture of that cake. Lots of improvements and new skills have been learned and practiced since that cake!

Cupcake Heaven

Cupcake Heaven

4. What has been your biggest business milestone to date?

Been awarded Wedding Journal Wedding Cake Designer of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

5. What does SPM mean to you?

Having been a member of the Strandhill Peoples Market since 2014 it has given me a platform to sell my cakes every week and to introduce new products and expand my product range.. It is also a great way to meet and speak to new and old customers. It is also a great social outlet to meet other stallholders and have a chat about how our week went and what ideas and goals we have for the future.

The Cake Lady's Stall @ SPM

The Cake Lady’s Stall @ SPM