Black Sheep Bakery – Meet the Maker

1. Why is your business called Black Sheep Bakery?

Being one of the few black people around Strandhill I have always called myself black sheep, so I thought why not use this to my advantage and so Black Sheep Bakery was born!

2. What inspired your business?

I have always loved baking from a young age and when I moved to Sligo I did a cake decorating evening class. We had to do a final project and I decided to make a VW Camper Van. My husband took photos of it and put it on his website and he kept getting enquiries for them. It spurred me on to start doing birthday, christening, and wedding cakes. My passion is to ensure that my customers get baking that looks and tastes great too so I use the highest quality ingredients in everything I do.

3. What was your first ever sale?

The VW Camper Van cake!

4. What has been your biggest business milestone to date?

Keeping up with the demand over all 11 of the SPM Christmas markets as well as Christmas orders. Being the only baker and seller within Black Sheep Bakery made for some long late nights and early, early mornings!

5. What does SPM mean to you?

SPM means that I have platform to showcase my baked goods on a weekly basis. It has given me the confidence to sell my baked goodies, get feedback, and put a face to the business. It has allowed me to meet and have fun with some great creative people I might not have otherwise met. When you start out there is no way you can afford premises in the right place with the right footfall, but with SPM it allows small businesses to start out and some have even gone on to open permanent businesses, which is a great achievement.