west strand by nina – Meet the Maker

The Slipper Story

Fifteen years ago, I tried to buy myself a pair of slippers from a local lady called Anna in my home village of Westendorf, in the Austrian Tirol. Anna wouldn’t sell me a pair. Instead, she told me to learn this craftsmanship which dates back to the 18th century and so I did. Now, living on the Atlantic Coast in the North-West of Ireland and inspired by the cold, I create a range of 100% Wool Products to keep warm all year around.

hand sewing the wool felt sole

1. Why is your business called west strand by nina?

west-strand by nina – west comes from my home village Westendorf in the Austrian Tirol, strand comes from Strandhill what i call my home now, and I’m Nina. The Logo is also inspired by the 2 villages, its a small n, for Nina, where the first part of it is the mountain of Westendorf and the second part is the wave from Strandhill.


2. What inspired your business?

I’m inspired by the Cold & for the Love of Wool


3. What was your first ever sale?

A pair of Slippers or Doggeln as we call them back home

tools to make a pair of slippers

4. What has been your biggest business milestone to date?

That all my 100% wool products are selling and that worldwide, from America to Japan, to Israel, Europe, UK, and of course Austria and Ireland

workshop (my little factory,as I like to call it)

5. What does SPM mean to you?

SPM means every time a really good a nice day out to promote my products

Market Stall