Christmas markets will not go ahead

We are saddened to confirm that, for the first time in seven years, there will be no Christmas Market at SPM.

As a large percentage of our stallholders travel from outside Sligo to trade, we would have needed the country to return to Level 2 in order to re-open the doors of Hangar 1 in 2020. It’s been an incredibly difficult year for everybody including our traders who have lost their SPM revenue and many other income streams. In total we have only opened for 5 weeks in 2020. After a redesign & rebuild of our indoor space (supported by Department of Agriculture), the closure of SPM during the festive season is upsetting not only for our team, but also for our talented crafts people, artisan traders and foodies from all over the country.

For now, we ask that you support local this December and where possible, our traders. We are busy putting together an online list which we will release later this week pointing you in the direction of their websites and social media.

A big thanks must go to Joe and the staff at the airport for their patience and support over the last 9 months including today when we emptied everything from Hangar 1.

We are hopeful that when we return in 2021, the world will have returned to some degree of normality and we will enjoy the sounds of a bustling market once again.

Stay safe and Happy Christmas.